December 30th, 2013


Really? This kind of makes me doubt the doctor’s skills. I mean, Google Glass is a wearable computer. You went to medical school for 16 years and you need a ready reference for a routine procedure?

“I’m not a great plastic surgeon and am not familiar with how to do a rhinoplasty but I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night”…..said no plastic surgeon ever.

Read this:

On Thursday, Dr. Anil Shah, a University of Chicago plastic surgeon, will use “Google Glass” to perform a rhinoplasty. Google Glass is a wearable computer.

The surgeon, who is an invited tester said, "This is a perfect case to highlight the merits of Google Glass since her nose has both obvious external as well as internal nasal deviation.”

The patient whose nose was broken in October prefers to remain anonymous. She commented, “This is like science fiction.”

Shah predicts the device, which features a small screen that sits in front of a user’s right eye, will revolutionize surgery. The rhinoplasty will be the first one anywhere in the world, using Google Glass.

Recently, an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Brent Ponce, at the University of Alabama-Birmingham used Google Glass for a shoulder replacement while streaming live video to another surgeon, Dr. Phani Dantuluri, who was more than 100 miles away, in Atlanta, Ga.

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Ok I spoke too soon. This is pretty cool using Google Glass like a “Go Pro” to aid other surgeons. Think of it like a “helmet cam” that Pro football players sometimes wear…..just a hell of a lot more gory. All kidding aside, I hope this becomes standard procedure in the medical community. The benefits to plastic surgery are massive. Think of a world without seeing a botched rhinoplaty or breast augmentation….

I could have done without seeing the video….

Hey, it’s a first in something….

You sure are a sharp cookie there Jim. Try adding something original.

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